Financing Solutions


If you are wanting to make a large purchase but don’t have all of the monetary funds in your bank account, you will need to look into financial services, likeĀ to better assist you with your purchase. Obtaining the services you are requesting is easier than ever. All you need to do is bring some information with you to the consultation. When you utilize financial services you will also benefit from many long term results.

Finding the financial service institution you are comfortable with is the first step. Once you have found the financial institution and set up an appointment for a meeting, bring some personal information with you. Your picture identification is almost required. This will allow the financial services the authorization to speak freely on your information. If your address is different than what is on your photo identification, bring a piece of mail with your correct address. The financial services generally prefer a house bill to be brought.

If you do not have a checking or savings with the financial institution you are meeting with, bring bank statements for the past three months to the meeting. This will show the financial institution how much money you currently have in your account and what your finances look like on a month to month basis. You will also want to bring current pay stubs. If you bring about 6 months worth of pay stubs, this will show the financial institution your work history, current wages, and steady employment. This information is vital when it comes to being approved for assistance.

Another important piece of information to bring is personal and professional contacts. Generally if you are asking for a loan, the institution is going to want to check with various different people to find out about your character. Usually between three to six total contact references will be acceptable.

moneyYou may also want to bring your unsecured debt bills also. Unsecured debt is mainly credit card bills. It is also any other bills you may have that can go over the limit at anytime. Even though you have a small amount owed on your unsecured debt, it is wise to bring the bills with you. This will show the financial service adviser you do not owe much on the unsecured debt, nor do you charge much on it.

The most important piece of information you can know is your credit score. This is how financial services determine if you are a risk for defaulting or a good person to approve a loan for. You can check your credit score for free once a year through various different services. The credit report will tell you if you are delinquent on any bills or if an old delinquency fell off of your credit record. Creditors report to your credit report every three months. If you know you are going for financial help, reviewing your credit report should be one of the first steps you take.